The most recent Robin Hood-related news stories breaking in the global media!


In Popular Culture

Over the centuries, the telling and re-telling of the traditional Robin Hood tales has resulted in endless interpretations being created, embracing a diverse miscellany of comic books, fashion, pantomime, movies, television, computer games and popular sayings etc. With a distinct lack of undisputed historical evidence being available, each "storyteller" has revelled in the opportunity to use their unbridled imagination to add their own twists and embellishments to the much-loved legend. As a result, fiction has triumphed over fact and created a Robin Hood "brand" that has become a million times richer as an icon of popular culture than as a genuine historical figure!

Truth & Lies

With today's media headlines often being dominated by high profile cases like the Leveson phone hacking enquiry and the Jimmy Saville scandal, we are constantly reminded that issues of mistrust, deception and speculation frequently lie at the heart of such investigations.


Hats, Hood & Tights

While Nottingham's recent "48 Hours of Fashion" event was showing off the City's talents to the fashion industry, I wonder how many realised that our ubiquitous folk hero, Robin Hood, also knows how to set trends in the style and costume business – and it's not just down to him wearing green tights!


How Robin Hood Helped Originate "Brand" Marketing!

When the festive pantomime season approaches, I'm reminded how, over recent years, our local folk hero, Robin Hood has worked his way from being a minor role in a traditional panto to the "star billing" he now gets in the many latter-day productions that are re-titled "Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood"!


Missing a few tricks - 40 years on

Coincidentally, over 40 years ago in September 1973, I had just resigned a secure, executive career in the Civil Service for a risky new role in Nottingham City Council's Publicity and Information Office and it was there that I first became aware of the extensive global interest in the Robin Hood legend!