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In the 21st Century

Nottingham in the 21st century is clearly about much more than just Robin Hood but the legend has developed into a global brand of such scale and impact that City and County cannot afford to ignore its enormous marketing, promotional and public relations potential – particularly as it is handed to the authorities "on a plate" and absolutely free! No one doubts that the Robin Hood legend generates local pride, as well as global recognition but this comes at a price. It creates external expectations and a flexible balance has to be maintained that puts Robin Hood in a realistic perspective. It should not get out of proportion, nor should opportunities be lost.

For some 800 years, the Robin Hood legend has held an enduring place in people's hearts and minds due to the principles of justice, fair play and freedom that the hero of Sherwood Forest represents and such worthy and important principles are still as relevant in the present day - possibly even more so!

Robin Hood has become a symbolic champion of the people, a fighter against oppression and wrong-doing who stands against corruption. Over the centuries his popularity has never wavered, in fact it has continued to grow, establishing him as the greatest and most celebrated figure in English folklore. Universally admired as an icon of popular culture, the Robin Hood "brand" remains a potent marketing and promotional force, recognised and respected around the globe.

HATS OFF TO ROBIN ! – How the outlaw’s headwear became such an iconic symbol.

There are many types of recognisable headgear that instantly identify the group the wearer belongs to - including the cowboy's stetson, the knight's armoured helmet, the pirate's bandana, the fireman's hard-hat and the American Indian's head-dress etc. - but the one item of headwear that immediately establishes an association with a single person's name is the traditional Robin Hood Hat!


Warts and All!

It's a globally known fact that Nottingham and Notts are traditionally and inseparably linked to the Robin Hood legend. Whether we like it or not, our City and County haven't any real choice in the matter. There are no "opt-outs" for the local authorities on the issue and they cannot "cherry-pick" the mixed blessings that the historical associations bring. They have to accept the world-famous links at face value, "warts and all" – the good, the bad and the downright ugly – and the archives are full of examples covering all three of these categories!