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In Tourism

The global perception of Robin Hood is as the ultimate English folk hero and icon of popular culture, so consequently, the "brand" inevitably has considerable merit as a universally recognisable image to help market and promote tourism in the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire area. However, such a high profile reputation means visitors expect a similar high standard of satisfaction from their Robin Hood "experience" but, at present, that leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, both the City and County authorities are currently developing proposals for world class visitor attractions with a Robin Hood focus at both Nottingham Castle and Sherwood Forest and the outcome is eagerly anticipated.

Robin Hood is a National Treasure!

In the glitzy world of today's celebrity culture, the term "National Treasure" is sometimes too freely attributed to people who do not really have the longevity or profile to deserve such an accolade!
However, Robin Hood has been frequently referred to in these terms and is not just a "national treasure" but is also globally recognised as the world's favourite adventure hero, whose 500 year old story is a legendary classic!