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New Robin Hood production commissioned to help celebrate Nottingham’s Theatre Royal mark 150 years of live performances

"A new Robin Hood related production, "HOOD: The Legend Continues." has been specially commissioned to help mark Nottingham Theatre Royal's 150th Anniversary celebrations.

Announcing plans for their 150th Anniversary, Nottingham's Theatre Royal revealed that seven of the East Midlands' best playwrights have been commissioned to write six new stories related to Robin Hood that are intended to take the iconic outlaw hero out of his signature green tights and on to a journey through a century and a half of Nottingham's vibrant history.

The ambitious project will be co-ordinated by New Perspectives artistic director, Jack McNamara who said "We were tasked to look at the Robin Hood myth again and the challenge to me was: how do I make it so that seven different writers have six different worlds in this story? So what we did was to give each of them a rough period and they responded to that in their own way. We are looking at how the Robin Hood legend has changed through the period of the Theatre Royal. Anyone who thinks Robin Hood is all about archery and green tights will be in for a big surprise!"

The production will run from September 17th - 26th and tickets are now on sale at the Box Office.