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(Mar 07, 2018)
WORLD WIDE ROBIN HOOD SOCIETY CELEBRATES 20 YEARS AS ONE OF THE LEADING INFORMATION SOURCES ON ALL ASPECTS OF THE LEGENDARY SHERWOOD OUTLAW. On March 17th 2018, the Nottingham-based World Wide Robin Hood Society will mark its 20th Anniversary Year with a programme of varied initiatives including: *The publication of a new book about Robin Hood and the legend’s global impact. *A local cookery contest to find the best recipe for a Robin Hood Pie. *Anniversary theme to the Society’s annual “Feather in Your Cap” business awards. *A children’s story writing competition. *Developing an illustrated Robin Hood talk available to groups and societies. Although the Society was originally a membership-based organisation, over the last 2 decades it has evolved into one of the leading internet-based information resources on all things associated with Robin Hood. It is used extensively by the media and the tourism industry and the Society has contributed to numerous global television documentaries and historical features including BBC’s The One Show; Sky Travel Channel’s “Expedition Unknown” series and French TV’s “Secrets Histoire” series. The Society has also participated in hundreds of radio programmes around the globe, including South America, the USA, Europe, Korea and Australia. Society Chairman, Bob White, said “The very first Robin Hood Society was established in London in the 1700’S and was a club or assembly for public debate. It held its popular, regular meetings in the Robin Hood public house in Butcher Row, near Temple Bar, which is how the Society acquired its name. In the 1970’s, a Nottingham-based Robin Hood Society was created by the local historian and Robin Hood expert, Jim Lees, and its members often dressed up in costume as various characters from the Sherwood tales and helped raise funds for local charities. In the Nineties, Nottingham City Council joined forces with the Nottingham Evening Post and set up a Robin Hood Club especially aimed at youngsters, which featured a series of cartoon woodland animals known as “The Tails of Sherwood”. The present day, internet-based World Wide Robin Hood Society was originally the inspiration of co-founder and sponsor, Mike Douglas from Hull, who established a successful communications business in Nottingham in the late 1990’s. He said “Over the past twenty years the Society has seen many changes but the phenomenal global interest in Robin Hood has never faltered and the legendary outlaw continues to be an iconic figure with a massive international fan base, and he regularly features in new films, books and the global media.” For further information contact Bob White on e-mail at or by phone on (0115) 9523183 or mobile 07504 852731 or visit the Society website at Read more...
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BobWithGuideWith the last few weeks still remaining before the Robin Hood "Brand" Business Survey finally closes, early responses and interim comments so far, indicate that the issue has certainly generated opinions from wide-ranging enterprises, together with some controversial debate and embarrassing criticism.

World Wide Robin Hood Society Chairman, Bob White says, "We launched the Survey initiative in late Autumn last year to try to find out the frank views of the local business community and make them more aware of the potential (and pitfalls) of the City and County's traditional associations with the Robin Hood legend and it has certainly created some interesting and outspoken comments.

Although the initial trend appears to support the view that not enough is done to exploit the Robin Hood connections, there is also a strong sense of embarrassment emerging!"

Mr. White stated that the 16-page Robin Hood Brand Awareness Guide that accompanied the Survey had been particularly well received and had effectively helped demonstrate just how powerful the Robin Hood "brand" had become in general and global marketing terms.

He also commented, "There has clearly been significantly more discussion and acknowledgment of the issue. At the recent Great Nottingham Debate organised by the Nottingham Post and hosted by the Nottingham Business School, City Council Chief Executive, Ian Curryer commented "We've become a bit embarrassed about Robin Hood and we have to make more of it." and Willmott Dixon's Operations Director, Nick Heath was quoted as saying "Nottingham should celebrate the things it is well-known for, such as Robin Hood, retail and music."

However, there is still a reluctance to participate and respond from some sectors of business and commerce and Bob White is keen to encourage all companies and organisations to take part in the Survey. He says, "This is the very first time that a serious attempt has been made to canvass the business community's views on the Robin Hood "brand" and develop a balanced strategy that can get the best out of the City and County's connections with the legend. It won't go away and the issue cannot be swept under the carpet. Like it or not, the business sector and the local authorities cannot "cherry-pick" the mixed blessings that the traditional Robin Hood associations bring and have to accept the world famous links at face value – warts and all!"

The Robin Hood Business Survey is available to be completed on-line at and the Robin Hood Brand Awareness Guide can be viewed in a flip-page format and down-loaded at

Further background information can be obtained from Bob White by telephoning (0115) 9523183 or by contacting him on e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..